Restoration Network International

Do you desire relationship with other pastor’s facing and overcoming the same challenges you are?

Do you want to be a part of a community that seeks to understand each other and build each other up, especially when ministry gets tough?

Consider joining Restoration Network International. Outlined here are the basic steps that new pastors and churches take to become members and get to know who we are.


Steps to become a Partner Church

1. The senior pastor/elder reads through the Restoration foundational materials outlining the basic values and vision of RNI.

2. Read, understand and agree with the RNI leadership handbook.

3. Take time to fast, pray and receive the Lord’s confirmation.

4. Apostolic Overseer visits the church to begin to develop relationships with the senior leadership and the congregation.

5. Begin an engagement period of at least one year.

6. Develop relationship with the Apostolic Overseer and Apostolic Council members and attend RNI events.

7. Tithing begins by the senior pastor/elder at the beginning of the engagement period.

8. After the engagement period of one year there must be complete agreement between the Apostolic Council and the potential partner church leadership team before a commitment is made.

9. A public service of recognition and reception into the RNI network will be held at the new partner congregation to affirm and formalize the network relationship. This service will be led by the local congregational leadership and the Apostolic overseer.


Three Core Points of Connection

1. Committed to relationship with Restoration pastors and leaders by participating in regularly scheduled retreats and personal networking.

2. Financial support by tithing the general fund offerings collected by the congregation. (this does not include designated offerings such as building funds or project giving)

3. Participating in Faith Promise Missions giving by receiving a Faith Promise Missions offering once a year in September with 50% going to RNI missionaries and 50% going to missions projects or missionaries of the local congregation’s choice.