Restoration Network International

Do you desire relationship with other pastor’s facing and overcoming the same challenges you are?

Do you want to be a part of a community that seeks to understand each other and build each other up, especially when ministry gets tough?


What is the point of joining a church network?

Restoration Network wants to build you up as leaders God has called to shepherd his people. We are for you. There is not a harder job in the world and it becomes even harder when you have to do it alone.

We can’t lead your congregation for you. Nor do we want to control your ministry.

Our goal is to stand with you in your calling and provide whatever we can to help you fulfill the vision God has entrusted to you.

Read the following short story and see if you identify with the pastoral couple portrayed.


Pastor Tom was tired. His wife Gina was frustrated. Ministry had started out full of hope and potential. They were involved with people, people they loved. It was life-giving.

The congregation they founded several years before had grown. People were excited. God was moving. Lives were being changed. The passion was tangible. They had a vision to reach the lost and they were seeing the vision come to pass.

Lately, however, Pastor Tom had found himself involved more with the administration of a growing church than with the people he was called to minister to. The hours were long and the problems loomed bigger. The tasks of ministry seemed to have multiplied.

People could be demanding and their problems never ending. At the end of the day, Tom wondered if he was really making a difference any more. He knew that God had called him to the ministry and he knew that the people loved and needed him, but something had changed. He had changed and he did not like what he saw he had become.

Gina felt the tension between a congregation in need of a pastor and a family in need of a husband and father. The family had not had a real vacation in over four years.

Their relationship had increasingly become focused on the ministry and there seemed to be little emotional energy for much else. Instead of quite evening walks together talking about their dreams or their kids, the conversation centered on the latest ministry challenge.

In her eyes, their family had begun to take a backseat to Tom’s ministry commitments.

He had missed several of the children’s activities because of an emergency with a family at the church. Gina realized that this was “the Lord’s work” and she was fully supportive of Tom’s ministry, but she wondered about the cost. She saw their family changing and she felt powerless to do anything but soldier on.

In reality, Pastor Tom and Gina felt alone. It wasn’t the hours. They knew how to work. It wasn’t even the people. They understood their role as pastors. Tom and Gina needed someone to talk to.

They needed someone to listen. They needed friends. They needed someone they could turn to for prayer and counsel.

They had found out early in ministry that the people expected them to be there for them, to listen, counsel, pray and be supportive, however, when they needed ministry or prayer or a listening ear, the people were far less willing.

After all, pastors aren’t supposed to have problems, and some of their frustrations could not be shared with members of the congregation even if they had someone to listen.

They were concerns or situations within the church. Tom and Gina had people all around them but no one who really understood what they were facing. They were pouring out and receiving little back.


Do you see yourself in this story? All of our situations are a little different but many of the feelings, frustrations and challenges of ministry are the same.

We can’t lead your congregation for you. Nor do we want to control your ministry.

Restoration is a network of pastors and ministers in relationship with each other for the purpose of encouragement, support and resourcing. We laugh, listen, love, and minister one to another. We are all in ministry at the local church level, so we share common experiences, frustrations, and joys. Together we can realize so much more than any of us could hope to accomplish alone.