Happy Singh from Ludhiana

August 25, 2016 - 1 minute read
Praise the Lord . I want to report to you the wonderful work that the Lord is doing in our midst. Since February 2016 till today twenty nine people have accepted Jesus, through amazing signs and wonders done by the Lord Jesus for His glory. I visited a brother who was paralyzed with a stroke in his hand. We went and prayed for him continuously and even as he believed in Jesus his hand was made straight completely.
Another man was sick with cancer and in his last stage the lord used me to go and share the gospel with him and this i did faithfully. One night the Lord woke me up and asked to go to his house and lead him in the sinners prayer which I had not done before , so i went to his home in the night and led him to accept jesus and the next morning he went to be with the Lord. When I heard about it and went to visit the family the son told me that they have removed all their other idols as there is no hope in them. Two other families have also done the  same after finding new hope in Him. As reported by Happy on August 7, 2016 at church..