Experiencing Acts 2 at Punjab

August 25, 2016 - 2 minutes read
Last week I led a short term team of my leaders to Punjab. We were five of us and there was a great sense of excitement among us all as we had been praying for almost a month for this trip. The miracle that took place was our translator who was from our church and had never spoken in Punjabi the local language started translating for me in fluent Punjabi.
This was amazing for her as she didn’t  even have a Punjabi bible nor know how to read or write or speak in Punjabi. The second miracle which I had never experienced before in over twenty five years of ministry was absolutely amazing. While we were worshiping suddenly one girl in the congregation sitting in front of us started praying in English. At first I thought I was hearing my self but then she continued to pray so clearly praising God and all the other members also heard it. After the service we couldn’t find her so we asked the local pastor if any one here speaks in English and he said no as no body know English. It happened  again the next day  and we all heard it and worshiped the Lord Jesus praising Him that He is the same yesterday today and for ever. What an amazing experience for the Glory of Jesus. We returned after four days astonished my the amazing miracles and seeing more people added into the local church.
Praise the Lord!!
DArina & Pradeep Moses