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Welcome to Restoration. We are a network of like-minded churches and ministries in relationship with one another for the purpose of encouragement, ministry impartation and resourcing.  Through this website, we hope to introduce you to who we are and invite you to walk with us to restore the nations God has called you to impact for His kingdom.

Our goal is to prepare and support Christian pastors and leaders, as well as their congregations and ministries, for the harvest ahead. We believe that safe, supportive relationships with other pastors and leaders are a crucial step in making your God-given dream a reality. We invite you to join us in this kingdom adventure.

Pastors Kenton and Nancy Slabaugh


Leaders of Restoration Network International

Where pastors are strengthened

Is your passion


  • To see God change lives in your church?
  • To uphold the integrity of the Scriptures, not watering anything down?
  • To see the Holy spirit move in powerful ways in your church body?
  • To see your staff reach their full potential and emotional maturity?
  • To learn how to lead effectively, not in order to control people but to release them into their destiny?

Here at RNI, this is our passion. Our mission is to come alongside pastors who refuse to give up their conviction to the Word of God as well as choose to partner with the work and power of the Holy Spirit. We have tools for personal transformation, prophetic training, becoming emotionally mature, and practical wisdom for dealing with messy situations in your church family that we want to give to you.

We are not out to control anyone’s ministry, we simply want to help you build yours. We are not building a ministry empire, but rather a family that loves, supports, and encourages each other as we each pursue the dreams and visions God has laid upon each of our hearts.

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Phillipines Trip

With Pastors Kenton and Ricardo

Pastor Kenton and Pastor Ricardo recently visited a network of churches in the Philippines. They traveled around preaching at conferences, holding youth meetings, and providing training on church leadership as well as the Holy Spirit. Here’s a video recapping what they did and the people they ministered to.

Our International Missionaries

These are all the missionaries that we support through Faith Promise giving.

We want to bless, refresh, and strengthen you for ministry!

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